About Us

Crossroad Energy Solutions Inc. (Crossroad) provides electrical, instrumentation, automation, and programming services to industrial sites & facilities across North America. Crossroad operates a control-panel fabrication shop to compliment it’s other services and provide a “one-stop” solution for customers looking for help with their electrical and control systems.

Though our ownership group has worked together for 10+ years, Crossroad was incorporated in May of 2018.  It was then that the 4 owners decided to buy the assets of their previous employer and set out on their own. The initial idea was to provide a well-rounded, technically savvy, solutions-oriented contracting service to clients who operate in a “controls-based” industry (Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Food & Bev, Aggregates ect.).  That original inspiration is still what drives everyone here to this day!

Our field services are delivered by a team of highly skilled and well-trained technicians who are dedicated to their work and skilled in executing projects on time and on budget. 

We have the necessary knowledge, skill set, experience, and resources to take on our client’s projects with confidence.  Complex control systems often require the expertise of electricians, instrumentation technicians, automation technicians, and programmers all working together to accomplish the end-goal.  For this reason, Crossroad employs all 4 disciplines.

We adhere to highly effective project management methodologies, strict safety policies and tightly managed cost procedures to ensure all project deliverables are completed on time and within budget without compromising on quality or safety. We believe that the only way we can reach our goals is by helping our clients achieve theirs!